4th March 2017

Meet Our Team

Our Team

Grown over time the services offered by our team at Kingy Solutions is often mimicked but never duplicated. Considered as "The Online Ambassador" to deal with, our experience and proven success with others can enable you and your business to flourish and prosper to full effect. Time is always of the essence and so our streamlined profiling will smooth the way for a speedy partnership set up, and end deal delivery of materials agreed upon. Instantly available night or day via all manner of communication systems should you ever feel inspired once we get started your opinion can be instantly delivered and absorbed into the process of creation. As a small and agile, but also deeply knowledgeable service provider you can rely on our ability to do exactly as stated in our working agreements together - Without fail.

Technology changes drastically almost daily - Here at Kingy Solutions we firmly believe in positive business reinvestment. Our reach and ambition is constantly on the rise, fueled by positive staff and tool expansion. We attract some of the greatest young minds in the market to join in our work, and sometimes just to come and share ideas in one of our many localized workshops, all with the design in mind of extending our already telescopic view of the marketplace - Knowledge is power, and we aim to keep learning each and every day until we are officially crowned "The True King" of all online marketing.

Our designers use the latest machines and software applications to provide the most up-to-date product possible, which in turn is reviewed and approved by top management for quality control prior to delivery to avoid any mishaps or even simple mistakes such as proper use of grammar or spelling. Our business administration and technical teams have the latest information at hand to extend the most bespoke solutions imaginable to you, while our extended teams share common goals and values of entrepreneurship, working for collective targets and of course exceptionally and high end performance. Having a finger on the pulse in Tel Aviv, considered to be the "Start-Up Capital" of the world, we here at Kingy Solutions reside at least a few steps ahead of our bulky and flat footed opposition. Our team is passionate, creative and proven. We believe in keeping humanity in technology and strive to keep that in our company culture as well. This combined with an exclusive global network of industry experts from some of the best and most renowned institutions Kingy Solutions delivers insightful quantified and actionable solutions. Capable of helping any existing business to grow or for any new starter to gain entry and a place at the table.

Should you be interested in doing business with us, or perhaps joining our roster please contact us directly via the contact form below. We look forward to hearing from you!

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